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Welcome to SOYVO local Somali NGO
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Solidarity Youth Voluntary Organization (SOYVO), is a grassroots non-political and non-profit making organization which runs a wide range of projects across in Somaliland, founded in January 2003 with a major mandate to build self reliance amongst the marginalized people in particular Children, Youth and Women of Somaliland. The organization's desire to see change in the communities has enabled it to circumspectly select the projects that are designed to address the core issues affecting the livelihood, Civic education, and Environment and health promotion of the communities.


TARMIYE poultry production Business is a local small-scale poultry enterprises; which was established in march-2014 by A group of young people and it has now 10 registered members who are the main unemployment and hope to increase their income and supporting their families & children. with over 20 more youth applying for membership. Over 80% of young people in Somaliland are unemployment with limit or no skilled who are under absolute poverty.

The strategies of TARMIYE poultry production Business

Improve the economic condition of the TARMIYE members as well as other sectors of society as a whole. also in all the regions in Somaliland, because of general improvement of standard of living of the people. Currently there is a lot of import of eggs and chicken meat from Yeman, China and Turkey fortunately the market demand for indigenous is still high

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Promoting dialogue, build a culture of peace and freedom of expression:

Youth empowerment and campaign of peace, Human Right and Democracy education through workshops and trained 60 young people from secondary & Universities which was held in Burao, Somaliland. Under funded by The National Endowment for Democracy (NED)

Safe to Speak: Securing Freedom of Expression in All Media: 20th World Press Freedom Day on 3rd May 2013. Since then, SOYVO is working on freedom of expression of opinion; protection of liberty and rights of Media in Somaliland. SOYVO is committed to exchange free opinion and knowledge and to promote the process for freedom of expression through Sound and photographs

Baraarug Newsletter is Somali version monthly magazine which produced by SOYVO; aims in strengthening its efforts to bring about positive changes in the Youth Participation at Local level. Every two months we print and Distributed more than 1000 copies of Baraarug News letter, To educate and encourage youth to participate in the democratic process and other social issues by developing their potential; addressing the extent to which these strategies have met their needs;

SOYVO) monitors reporting Human right violations in the various communities for prompt prosecution. This initiative highlighted the violations of Human rights across the Togdheer region. Norwegian Refugee Council collaborating with UNHCR agreed to collaborate with SOYVO to conduct protection monitoring Burao IDP camps.